Black History



Rose Weaver celebrates black history through concerts featuring the works of Thomas "Fats" Waller, Duke Ellington, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Dinah Rose WeaverWashington.

Rose's musical motto is "Keep the Heritage Alive!" Her nucleus of blues and jazz - what she learned growing up in the woods of Georgia and polished on stages throughout the world - contributes to her lively singing, passion, and intimate relationship with her audiences.

From sultry ballads to shuffles, swing, or the blues, Rose captures the essence of the great songs by paying attention to the underlying grooves of the period in which they were created. She is not an imitator, but an interpretive singer and actress, whose vocal range and ability to give multifarious textures to the melodies and lyrics allows her to be true to the written melody and find her own variations and nuances. She calls this "jazz cabaret."
Rose Weaver

Colorful and frisky costumes are a part of her showmanship. She uses hats, many of which she makes herself, feathers and fans. Most important to her in live performance is seeing tapping feet in the audience and vocal reaction now and then. Working with a variety of musicians who specialize in playing feel good rhythms, Rose brings back the laughter, fun, tears, and pain indigenous to blues and jazz music found in the black experience.

Rose has appeared as a featured soloist with the Marian Anderson String Quartet, at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, with The Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, The Smithsonian Jazz Orchestra, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, and leads her own jazz ensembles.