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Skips in the Record Cast Photo (RI)

Skips in the Record

Memories are the lifeblood of a family's identity.

Skips in the Record
focuses on three generations of a southern black American family as they peel away the layers of their common history to reveal memories that may either bring them together or tear them apart. (Skips in the Record website)


The cast of Skips in the Record: Pamela Lambert, Raffini, and Sylvia Ann Soares.

Rose Weaver's Menopause Mama


Menopause Mama

a play with music (see complete information on Menopause Mama website)


Silhouette of a Silhouette

Brown University New Plays Festival, Production Workshop, Brown University


Well Water Blues

Brown University New Plays Festival, Staged Reading, Perishable Theatre, Providence, RI


Through The Mirror

Iowa Literacy Resource Center, March edition :: The Change Agent, New England Literacy Resource Center, February edition. This prose monologue explores issues of self-esteem.

Monologues for Women by Women1994

"Chips On My Shoulder"

in Monologues For Women By Women, Tori Haring-Smith, Heineman Company. :: Chips is a monologue about the duality of racism.

"Momma's Little Helper"

in Monologues For Women By Women, Tori Haring-Smith, Heineman Company :: A pregnant unwed teen soothes her recently battered mother.