About Rose Weaver's Skips in the Record Skips in the Record

Skips in the Record is an entertaining dark comedy about Alzheimer’s disease. The play was written after playwright, Rose Weaver, experienced her grandmother’s decline and eventual death from complications associated with Alzheimer’s disease. It was created to help people, particularly members of the minority community, recognize the beginning sign’s of Alzheimer’s disease in time to get help.

Skips in the Record depicts characters drawn from real life. It uses their stories and songs to enlighten us about the struggles with Alzheimer’s in many families, a disease that affects well over five million people in the United States. We need to raise funds to produce this play. Please make your tax deductible donation by clicking on the PayPal button below


Rose Weaver's Skips in the Record, Los Angeles Cast

Memories are the lifeblood of a family's identity.

Skips in the Record is witty, poignant, sassy, honest and funny. Written by Brown University MFA 2000, Rose Weaver, it is an entertaining, dark comedy created to help people recognize the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

Skips in the Record focuses on three generations of a southern black American family as they peel away the layers of their common history to reveal memories that may either bring them together or tear them apart.

The play gets right to the heart of Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and some aspects of aging through stories, songs, dance and the portrayal of real-life characters.  It is a unique piece, because it entertains, educates using the arts, and serves as an advocate for families as they travel the stages of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.  

Watch a clip of this powerful work-in-progress performed by one of the Los Angeles casts.

After Skips in the Record performance at the Avalon Church of Christ, Los Angeles