Motivational Speaking

Rose Weaver
"I can hug the hurts away"

For a keynote with a difference, Rose draws upon her turbulent early years growing up in Georgia in the 1950s and 1960s and her 35 years as an actress and singer, and lately her experience as a playwright and teacher. Stitched together, the experiences become an unforgettable performance called "Up By My Bootstraps" that sheds a special light on life and love -- compelling and bittersweet, yet filled with hope and humor.


Self-Discovery Through Artistic Endeavors is a Solo Performance Piece by Rose Weaver

Rose Weaver uses songs, original prose, dramatic monologues and vignettes to explore self-esteem. Once an abandoned unwed mother and living in poverty in Georgia; once the object of an abusive step-father; and frequently one of the few African-American women in her professional organizations and affiliations, Rose has continuously remained in touch with her sense of self and worth through artistic projects. She shares her autobiographical stories and songs of cognizance, faith, heartache, rage, and hope, in an attempt to lessen the anxiety and fear in people who are presently where she has been, or who are making an effort to take the journey toward emotional, intellectual, and artistic emancipation.